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We have new, used and kit versions of The Airplane Factory Sling 2, a two-seat, low wing, all metal aircraft with tricycle landing gear made from composites available for delivery.

The Airplane Factory Sling 2

New Sling 2, Ready for Delivery

For those contemplating a purchase but who don’t want to wait months for delivery, we have a brand new Sling LSA, fitted with the 912iS fuel injected engine, autopilot and dual MGL iEFIS touch screens ready to go. Parachute installation is optionally available as parachute cables are already in place.” This LSA has the same color scheme and panel configuration as the aircraft featured here in Carson City. The plane is fully registered as S-LSA and is ready for immediate delivery.

The Airplane Factory “Sling 2” LSA Details:

  • Weights
    • Standard empty weight 820
    • S-LSA Max gross 1320 lbs
    • S-LSA Useful Load 500 lbs
    • Experimental-AB Kit Max Gross 1540 lbs
    • Experimental-AB Kit Useful Load 720 lbs
    • Note: S-LSA airframe structure is the same as the Experimental-AB but max gross weight is derated to 1320 lbs so it can be a light-sport aircraft
  • Performance
    • Max Cruise Speed 115 KIAS at 5 GPH
    • Economy Cruise Speed 105 KIAS at 3.8 GPH
    • Max endurance Cruise speed 70 KIAS 2.5 GPH
    • Rate of Climb at MGW 900 FPM
    • Range 800 + NM
    • Max crosswind 15 Knots
    • Service Ceiling 12,000 MSL
  • Speeds
    • Vne 135 KIAS (Never Exceed)
    • Vno 120 KIAS (Normal Operating)
    • Vh 118 KIAS (Full throttle level flight)
  • Engine
    • S-LSA & Experimental-AB – Rotax  912S and 912iS fuel injected 100HP
    • Experimental-AB Rotax 914 Turbo 115 HP
  • Fuel grade/capacity
    • Mogas-auto gas /39 gallons capacity
  • Dimensions
    • Wing Span 30.1′
    • Cockpit Width 44″
  • Cost
  • Sling 2 LSA Pilot Requirements
    • Sport Pilot, Private, Commercial or ATP
    • Sport Pilot overview:
      • Private, Commercial & ATP easy transition to or from Sport
      • No FAA medical (drivers license is medical eligibility)
      • Same stick and rudder skills as private
      • Minimum training time for FAA license 20 hours
      • Can fly anywhere same as private
      • Towered airspace OK with training and endorsement
      • No VOR training required
      • No night flying

The Airplane Factory Sling 2 LSA – Part 1

Basic Preflight and Features

The Airplane Factory Sling 2 LSA – Part 2

Ground to Takeoff Checklists with Rotax 912iS Engine

The Airplane Factory Sling 2 LSA – Part 3

Landing, Shutdown, Postflight, and Tiedown

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