Aircraft Registration

FFA Aircraft Registration Requirements

Let me share with you the FAA aircraft registration and basic paperwork requirements for selling or buying an airplane Light Sport Aircraft (LSA). There are three pieces of paper required for the sales of an aircraft from one owner to another:
  • First, the seller should sign the back of the official FAA registration document 8050-3 to the new owner. This is the original card  that is required in the aircraft. It is the seller’s responsibility to send this into the FAA. However, what is usually done is the seller files out the back for the new owner/buyer and gives this to the buyer who sends it in with the other documents required as described below. This is best for the new owner/buyer to make sure gets to the FAA as needed. More recently the FAA has been relaxing this original registration card because I suspect it became a problem to chase down so it is probably not needed now but best to send it in anyway.
  • Second, the buyer/new owner must have an “Aircraft Bill of Sale” for the purchased aircraft. This is FAA form 8050-2 and is downloadable from the FAA web site. This paper document must be sent in the The FAA.
  • Third is the FAA “Aircraft Registration Application” document FAA form # 8050-1. This can be downloaded and filled out. You send in the original paper document to the FAA and put a copy in the aircraft as temporary registration.

In addition to the above documents, you must provide a $5.00 fee (check to “FAA Aircraft registry” is best) for the registration application.

Send these documents to

  • FAA Aircraft Registration Branch, AFS-750  P.O. Box 25504 Oklahoma City, OK 73125.

If any one of these FOUR (4) items are not provided, your registration may be held up until they receive everything:

  • Old “Certificate of Aircraft Registration” from the seller 8050-3
  • Aircraft Bill of Sale 8050-2
  • Application for Registration 8050-1
  • Five dollars ($5.00)

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